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Kitchen Testimonials

Fleet- This is the second kitchen in the house we have produced for them! The client couldn't believe how at home she feels in her new surroundings! Superb!  

Four Marks- This small one bedroom apartment was transformed by intricate design which shows off every inch of storage. 

Windlesham-  A touch of contemporary bringing a quaint cottage into the 21st Century. A cup of tea is an excuse to simply step into the room!

Frimley Green- These three colours are merged together succesfully in a kitchen then thats always a good cause to celebrate! 

A mixture of Oak and Satin lacqured painted doors embracing island cooking yet surrounded by storage! We love it! 

Frimley - Our customer had complete faith in us and was utterly amazed at the final result! "I couldn't recommened them highly enough!"


Bathroom Testimonials

Fleet - This stunning cloakroom is full of character and style, Another success!